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How our software works

We can match nearly 1 out of every 2 users who visit your website to our database of 540 million users who have double opted-in for marketing emails.

What could you do with infinite customer data at your fingertips?

90%+ of your website traffic bounces.

With Vital Edge, you can capture your website traffic, reveal identities, and unlock contact information.

In addition to retargeting ads, you’ll be able to reach and follow your elusive web visitors through email, social, and display.

Create detailed customer profiles and blast relevant messaging directly to key audiences to tap into their ultimate buying potential.

Turn website traffic into sales.

It takes 8.2 follow-ups to get the sale.

You get plenty of website traffic, but if they don’t opt-in, you can’t directly re-engage them.

With pixel technology, capture the traffic, identify the browser, reveal their contact info, and start following up in almost any channel (email, remarketing, direct mail, or text).

Vital Edge gives your marketing the power to identify anonymous visitors.